Landing Those Writing Gigs

As a freelance writer, one of the greatest challenges you’ll face is landing those writing gigs. If you’re new to the game it might take some time for you to figure the ins and outs of the game. For me it was trial and error and a couple of years of mistakes before I would learn how to cipher through the ads on Craigslist, weeding out the good from the bad. There was no one to tell me how to do this -I was on my own. But eventually, I learned and today 9 times out of 10 I can tell the good from the bad.

There’s no need for you to pull your hair out or look like this lady in the pic below. I’m going to give you a few basic tips that will save you time, money, and headaches.

Angry woman

1.)    BEWARE! If it looks too good to be true chances are….it isn’t

2.)    Follow your gut instincts—they’re usually right

3.)    Even if you’re new at freelance writing it doesn’t mean you have to work for less than minimum wage. Do some research to find out what a fair wage is and take nothing less.

4.)    Create a code of business ethics and stand by it! You’ll feel better in the long run and your clients will respect you for it.

5.)    Do not  expect to make tons of money…always have two or three eggs in your basket. I usually try to have two or three clients at all times. Even If you can find one client that has tons of work for you…keep the small jobs going. You never know when or if that client doesn’t need your services anymore.

6.)    Think positive! You will be pounding the keyboard looking for work and it might take some time. Eventually, your persistence will pay off!

7.)  I highly recommend creating a website to showcase your skills. If you don’t have the cash to pay a website designer, no worries. You can create a basic website for free using Wix or a nice looking website using WordPress ( WordPress only costs $18.00 per year-very affordable). These are fairly easy to design even for a beginner. I designed my website and I’m certainly not a website designer by trade. Creating a website is beneficial as it will be your one stop shop to showcase your writing skills and work you have done for clients. This will be your resume!

8.) Once you’ve created your website it’s time to advertise on Craigslist.

9.)   If you don’t have a website, you can search for writing jobs on Craigslist. Although I find it much easier to advertise for my services, I also realize  others may not have a website up and running yet. If this is you and you want to get your foot in the door, there are MANY SCAMS on CL. Here are some tips :

A.)  I ALWAYS bypass the ad if it’s more than one paragraph long. Most of the long ads are for in-home jobs or they are scams.

B.)   Do not reply to any ad that asks you to pay. Why would you pay to work?

C.)  If the ad is for writing from home and they will train chances are it’s for a home based business…move on!

D.)  I ALWAYS speak to the person via phone. If they aren’t reachable toss that gig immediately!

E.)   If the potential client sends you a vague e-mail with no way to contact them toss them too!

F.)   And lastly: NEVER accept a gig or even contemplate writing for the client unless they pay either half up front or all of the money in advance. If they need your services bad enough they will adhere to these rules! Never give out your bank account information at first. Always use Pay Pal or other reputable apps such as Venmo.

G.)   Always hand in quality work, you want to perform in a timely fashion but if you Rush your work it will show. I never rush my work- I take great pride in everything I write and guess what? It shows!

Now…what are you waiting for? There are writing jobs out there waiting for you to put your creative juices to the test. It’s time to get cracking because you will have to be first in line for the best writing gigs!

Good Luck & Happy Writing!



Thinking Outside the Box


Could you explain your freelance copywriting process?

As a freelance copywriter, I like to begin with an initial phone consultation during which we discuss your copywriting needs, goals, and specific time frames. I will then draw up a proposal outlining what we discussed and include an estimate for my freelance copywriting fees. If you decide you’d like to do business with me, I will e-mail or fax you a ‘Letter of Agreement’ confirming our business arrangement. I will begin the writing project once I receive the signed document. It’s important that I be provided with as much information as possible so I can provide quality material, therefore, I will ask you to provide the necessary background information. This includes brochures, marketing e-mails, web content, or any other pertinent company information. As a copywriter, I have learned that knowledge is a powerful tool and also the key to effective copywritten material.
I will then provide you with an initial copywriting draft. I will ask you to review the draft and add any necessary comments for revision. Remember: copywriting is a process of teamwork. Communication between client and copywriter is necessary for a positive outcome.


I have a deadline to meet. When can I expect my project to be completed?

I respect that you have a deadline to meet. Please be aware that I have several clients I am writing for. It is not realistic to expect that your project will be delivered within 24 hours. If you called your dentist to make a teeth cleaning appointment, chances are you won’t be able to get your foot in the door for at least a few weeks. Thus; I am not available right now: but I will deliver your project as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Wait! This doesn’t mean your project isn’t important.
I value your business and take great pride in committing myself to delivering your copywritten material in a timely fashion. However; it takes time and effort to provide quality written material. I will do my best to finish your project in an acceptable time frame.


What are your freelance copywriting fees?

My copywriting fees on a per-project basis. For those projects difficult to estimate, an hourly freelance copywriting fee is more appropriate. However; as a general rule, flat fees(per copywriting project) seem to work best for me and for my clients.

Do you require a percentage of your copywriting fees up front as a deposit?

I require an initial deposit of 50% prior to beginning the project. The balance on all freelance copywriting fees is due upon completion of services. Every day thereafter late charges of $5.00 per day will be tacked onto the remaining fee.


What do your copywriting fees include?

My copywriting fees include research, copywriting, and one copy revision.


I’m on a budget. Can you give me a bargain for your copywriting services?

I understand that businesses have budgets they need to adhere to. But as the old saying goes:: you get what you pay for. If you want quality copywritten material, then do not expect cheap fees. My copywriting fees are not the most expensive, but I am not the cheapest copywriter in town. Because of the nature of my work I believe my fees are reasonable. If you are looking for yard sale prices then perhaps I am not a good fit for your needs.


I am located in California and you are in Georgia. Can we still work together effectively?


Distance is not a problem! Although I run my freelance copywriting business out of Georgia, I have a clientele that is nationwide! My clients are scattered from coast to coast. Modern technology such as e-mail and telephone make it possible for me to work productively and efficiently – no matter where your business is located.


What if I just need a makeover of the copy I already have? Do you still charge your full copywriting rates for this?

If your current copy simply needs a “face-lift”, I’d be more than happy to accommodate your editing needs by adjusting my copywriting rates to the actual amount of work reflected!


What qualifies you to write about my business if you have no experience in that field?

As a copywriter, research is part of my job. My copywriting fees include the time it takes for me to research a particular topic. Prior to beginning a project I take the time to research anything I am not familiar with.


Do you require a freelance copywriting contract before you begin work?

I use PayPal as a means of payment and that usually binds  a contract.


If I decide to cancel my freelance copywriting project before it is completed, or if I change my mind about the direction of a project half way through it-then what?

If you wish to cancel for any reason,once the project has begun- payment will be pro-rated only for the work that has been performed. If the project changes significantly as a whole , I will draw up a new proposal and cost estimate.


Who owns the rights to the copy you’ve written for my business?

Once a copywriting fee for the written material has been made in full, you own the rights to all work. However, I may ask for the right to use your project in hard copy and electronic form in my client portfolio. This is always up to your discretion. If you have any concerns regarding confidentiality please contact me.


How can I reach you if I need your freelance copywriting services?

The quickest way to reach me is by E-mail. You may also Contact me any time of the day, 7 days week!


Searching for a creative and talented copywriter?

Please contact me-I’d love to hear from you!

Comments from Satisfied Clients

Suellen produced a few articles for Mountain Escapes and she did so in a timely manner. She is also very familiar with keyword optimization in the articles she produced. I hope to utilize her services in the future. Sincerely, Bryan McMillian, President of Mountain Escapes Property Management Inc.



When I hired Suellen Fry to write for me, she delivered! If you need someone to write a press release, The Queen is your girl. She has the creativity and the professionalism you need to get the job done right. Hats off to the queen for a job well done!

Yale Turner
~ Vision House Harvard Square


Will “Webman” Harrison wrote:

Of course you can write your own content. It is easy to write content, isn’t it? This website actually has THIRTY pages of content, and it was all written by myself. I did not hire anyone, I spent (SERIOUSLY) about 100 hours writing all thirty pages of content over the span of a year. Unfortunately, the writing part is usually the easiest part. The research and brainstorming, outlines, and organizing the information takes as much time, if not more time, the writing the content itself. Lucky for you, Web Your Name® has an EXCLUSIVE partnership with The Queen Of Content. Believe it or not, we DESIGNED her website!!

What most people don’t understand is that my specialty is optimization. Optimization means that you provide me with the “clay” and I will mold the “clay”. I know all about search engines, optimization, and HTML coding, but I know very little about the information that you deal with on a daily basis. Suellen Fry’s full time job is to help make you successful by providing the clay for you. Her fees are reasonable, her quality of work is exceptional, and her content writing services will save you time so you can focus on running your business. Suellen and I can also work together with you to create topics and outlines of areas that we feel you need to cover in order to be successful. You can never have too much information and knowledge on your website. The Queen of Content gives a discount to Web Your Name® clients. descriptions)

I was very happy with the finished product. I believe the new descriptions have increased the amount of our fragrance oil sales. Some of our slower moving fragrance oils are selling better. Thank you for a job well done.

“Suellen-Thank You for your help in putting together descriptions for our fragrance oils. It was a long over due project that we never seemed to find the time to do. When you contacted us you were upfront with what you would do for our company along with a fair and honest price. I liked your professionalism and at the same time you were very personable. You worked with our needs and delivered a finished project within the timeframe that you gave. I really appreciated that.

Thank You again for a job well done.

Deanna Byers

Lavender Lane Forever

I greatly appreciate it.  Thank you so much for your outstanding work!

Doggone Cleaning Services

My Website Showcase

Product Descriptions

Freelance Work History

This is a partial list of some clients I’ve written for:

Laura Egunjobi- Content Writer(February 10 2018-present)

Julie Lafavor- Content Writer(February 1, 2018)

Santosh Kumar- Ghost-writer for book( August 4, 2017-November 30, 2017)

Robert Alvarez-Script Writing- 20, 2017-October 9, 2017)

Bonnie Bryant-Grant and Scholarship Writer, essay writer(January 13, 2016-present)

Rachael Olson-Real Estate Builder Descriptions and New Community Descriptions- 29, 2017-present)

Jordan 2010-present)

Sherman Brown~L’elite Clothing- copy ads(October 2010)

Elad Bokov~ One Stop Moving and Storage -Web Content Writer(May 2010-Sept 2010)

Jarrod Smith~ Tex Cigars Inc.-Product Description Writers(April 2010-May 2010)

Willie Blogger/Web content(April 2010-)

Andre Menzies-Web Content Writer(May 2010)

Brain Mitchell~Signature Blogger(April 2010-May 2010)

Vision House at Harvard Square-Cambridge, Mass~Creative PR Writer/Director of Marketing(November 2009-January 2010)

Tom Stone- August 2009-present)

Web Your Name~Copywriter/Web Content Writer(November 2009-present)

Micah Rutledge~Copywriter(Oct 2009)

Jelly Bean Services-Copywriter(August 2009)

Pete Allman( Blog writer, Web Content Writer(August 2009-May 2010)

Starrville Soap and Candle Supplies-Copywriter: Candles and Oil Fragrances(August 2009)

Wildways Studio-Copywriter: Candles and oil fragrances: Web Page Content and Home Page Blurb(August 2009)

GoldStarr Fragrances-Copywriter: Web Page Content including “About Me” and Home Page blurb. Marketing and advertising, including merchant circle. and Essential Oils(June 2008)

Lavender Lane Forever- Copywriter: Oil Fragrance Descriptions (April 2008)

Coastal Scents- Copywriter: Oil Fragrance Descriptions (March 2008) oil fragrances(April 2008)

Just By Nature Candles- Copywriter: Oil Fragrances ( Feb . 2008 – March 2008)

Linens 4 You- Copywrite Specialist ( Aug . 2007 – Mar . 2008)

I wrote all the product descriptions for the bedding as well as the front page blurbs for the online catalog. I was also the person in charge of the decor blog. I was also proficient in the area of data entry and trained all other employees in this field. In addition: I advertised and marketed for this company.

Time 4 Learning:- Article Writer (April 2007)

I wrote 6 quality articles for this online learning program for children.

Queen’s Writing Samples

The Green Fountain of Youth- What Is It?
Hi, it’s me again…and I can’t wait to share this magical potion with you! Riddle me this: What is green, rich in Chlorophyll and receives its energy from the sun? Okay here’s one more hint…it has many health promoting properties and is largely made up of protein and essential amino acids. Aren’t you dying to know the answer to my riddle? It’s not the Hulk or the Green Phantom folks…it’s a super food known as Spirulina!

These natural green algae have been around for billions of years and is harvested from ponds and bodies of water free from contaminants. Did you know that Spirulina is considered to be the most powerful nutrient source available to man? Are you constantly sick? Are you expecting a new bundle of joy? Are you searching for a way to boost your immune system? And lastly…would you like to discover the magic of eternal youth by ingesting this green powder?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions allow me to share my experience with you!

This dark green food source may not look attractive to the naked eye, but let me tell you something…it was like a magic potion for this ole gal! After around 2 weeks of gobbling this mucky looking mud I didn’t care if it resembles throw up in a glass. Here’s what happened to this 50 something pre-menopausal gal:

I suddenly had the energy of a 25-year-old! My teenage son was telling me to slow down! It only gets better…I was sleeping like a baby for the first time in 7 years since mother nature took my hormones and started throwing them up everywhere like a wild banshee! I always had great skin thanks to mom, but now I was glowing from the inside out! I chose Spirulina over meat because it has more protein than a good-sized steak. Spirulina is 50-61% protein. Did you know that this green gunk has 26 times the calcium than milk? My allergies subsided. And lastly…when everyone else was blowing snot everywhere…I was glowing and my immune system peaked at an all time high!

Okay folks, I think you get the picture. I am going to leave you with one question: why wouldn’t you want to try this super food?
For those curious minds who want to know, you can find out more here at:


 Sales Ad for Sundance Cabin Rentals:

Sundance Cabin Rentals in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

It All Begins Here…

You’ve been pondering on the subject of renting out your cabin during those times when you’re not enjoying the North Georgia Mountains. After all…if you’re not slumbering in your cabin, others can and you could benefit from this ideal set-up. If you’re wheels have been spinning on the idea of renting out your cabin, you don’t have to do this alone. It’s always smart to hire a cabin rental agency to do your marketing and make sure your cabin is full, especially during those peak seasons.

Sundance Cabin Rentals is your premier cabin rental company that can offer more than the average rental company. With perks and guarantees, you’ll want to learn why you should choose this team of management specialists to protect your investment while you reap the benefits of renting your property.

Sundance Cabin Rentals believes it isn’t enough to simply keep your cabin rented. This is your property and we understand the value of your investment. You can feel secure knowing your property is in the right hands 24/7.

Why choose Sundance Cabin Rentals?

Let’s begin with the freedom of staying in your cabin as often as you wish! Remember: this is your cabin, we’ll just manage it when you’re not there.

As a participant of the Smart Owner Program you are in the driver seat! What does this mean? You become part of the team earning flexible commissions that fit your needs. If you choose to rent the cabin yourself, there are no commissions. However; you can earn up to 35% in commissions on a single property.

Sundance Cabin Rental has taken cabin management to the next level offering a Performance Guarantee. If we don’t rent your cabin 20 nights per month, we’ll eat the commission fee for that month. Call us to find out more as certain conditions will apply. Something’s to note: Peak season is important for renting out your cabin. If your cabin has a breath-taking Mountain View or sits on a babbling riverbank, these are sure wins for easy cabin renting. A hot tub and a game room with a pool table are neon signs that attract vacationers.

No Advance-No Hassle

If we don’t rent the property, you don’t pay a commission. Want to know what’s happening with your cabin? Login to our reservation software and have access 24/7. Once you’re logged in, you can print out monthly statements, review advance reservations, or make your own reservations. Offering convenience is one of our main goals here at Sundance Cabin Rentals. You are always in the driver’s seat, so you get to decide how you’re going to arrive at your desired destination!

We think communication plays a key role in the success of any business. That’s why we’re offering a Communication Guarantee.
Once again, you’re in control. You decide how often you want us to contact you, and we will honor your wishes.

With a 73-point marketing program, we work at getting your cabin rented out. Your cabin isn’t sitting idle on the web, were busy getting your cabin rented out as soon as possible.

You can feel safe knowing your deposits, rent, and tax payables are in a secure separate account until distributed.


If you are not 100% satisfied with our services, please let us know and we vow to rectify the problem within 24 hours. If you’re not happy with the results, you are released- no conditions apply.

Sundance Cabin Rentals has so much to offer – We are confident that you will be more than happy with the results and continue to take advantage of our services for years to come. Now all you need to do is pick up the phone and find out how you can get your cabin rented out today! For more information call 706.258.3286


River’s Edge- Begin your Journey Here


The North Georgia Mountains a place where peace transcends from every direction and each unknown turn. The Blue Ridge Mountains (part of the Appalachian Mountains) are among the oldest mountains on earth. When you step foot in these hills you are walking on mountains that were formed over 460 million years ago. If you could imagine just for a moment how many years of history have passed, the people who lived in these parts, and the events that took place- if the mountains could talk…oh what a story they could tell. You have longed to see a place rich in history that offers tranquility with each gaze and every sigh. Now…the only thing you need to do is choose that perfect cabin for your mountain get-a-way!


We invite you to rest your weary bones here at The River’s Edge. Now that you’ve arrived at the North Georgia Mountains, there’s so much to experience. Why not begin with the perfect cabin on the river? River’s Edge is nestled along the river offering scenery like no other. If you dream of lush trees and the sounds of a river’s serenade, then you need to grab your fishing poles and head for the River’s Edge. Leave all your cares behind as you bid the city farewell and relax here for some well-deserved rest.


Why choose River’s Edge? Let’s begin with easy access to the river for fishing or simply soaking your feet in the clean cool water. But there’s more! We know you’ll love this quaint cabin on the river bank while vacationing here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. And why not? River’s Edge has everything you need for your mountain experience.


This cozy cabin sleeps 6 offering 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Enjoy 2 queen sized beds and bunk beds for all of your guests. River’s Edge includes a fully equipped kitchen meeting all of your dining needs. Enjoy your wood burning fireplace for that perfect cabin “feel” as you and your guests roast marshmallows and relax by a warm fire. Enjoy free Wi-Fi internet and satellite TV or venture outside to the screened-in porch and melt into a rocking chair or cuddle up on the porch swing. Your grill master will enjoy the gas grill and don’t forget the outdoor fire pit for some real outdoor fun. We know you’ll love the outdoor sauna, so take advantage of the spa every chance you get!


River’s Edge- what’s not to love? The perfect cabin any time of the year. A cabin for those seeking solace from the city life. A cabin for those seeking a little adventure where hiking trails aren’t too far away. A cabin is  waiting for you- begin your journey here at the River’s Edge!

Can You Say Katy, Texas?

Thinking about relocating to the Lone Star State? Why not rest your boots in the quaint Houston suburb of Katy, Texas. Once popular for its large production of sugar cane-Katy, Texas was known as ‘CaneIsland’ during the 19th century. If you’re looking for a growing community with that small town feel, this town has everything you’re looking for.

Named as one of nine from 2009 as one of the most noted areas for growth by the Gadberry Group, you can be sure that Katy, Texas has all the amenities you’re searching for. With a population of less than 12,000 you can still capture that small town appeal without sacrificing the amenities you desire of a larger city.

Katy is divided into two sections: the city limits which is referred as “Old Katy”, and the “Katy Area” which consists of upscale developments, medical facilities, and modern communities. Your lifestyle will play a role in which part of town you choose to call home. No matter where you plan to kick up your heels, Katy has what you need.

You don’t need to be deep in the heart of Texas to experience the beauty Katy has to offer. Southern Texas has nature trails, parks, and beautiful prairies for the nature enthusiast. The Katy Prairies offer over 13,000 acres of habitat West of Houston. The wetlands and farmlands are a part of Katy’s heritage. The folks of Katy, Texas take great pride in preserving their heritage; so their grandchildren can also enjoy the timeless beauty of Texas prairies for many years to come.

The Katy Rice Harvest Festival takes place every year in Katy, Texas. Residents of Katy enjoy two days of fun and excitement with live entertainment,arts and crafts, and food booths. Katy, Texas is the perfect place for families young and old. There is something for everyone. Whether you like to stroll through a park or enjoy shopping at the local mall, Katy is one town that you’ll never forget. Friendly faces and warm smiles give Katy the reputation she has rightly earned.

Katy may be located in the  Lone Star State, but you won’t be lonely in this friendly town just outside of Houston. If you’re searching for that perfect home, Katy Real Estate can lend a helping hand. Contact Angela Kraushaar today!

Katy Real Estate- Has the American Dream Vanished?

Purchasing a home has always been the American Dream. After our economy crashed it seems as if that dream became either a nightmare or something that seemed too far out of reach. With the ongoing development of Master-Planned communities, the Katy Real Estate market continued to thrive in a nation that struggled trying to find answers to daunting questions. Many Americans refuse to throw in the towel when it came to the idea of owning their own home. For every foreclosure, there were still many hopeful Americans holding on to a prayer and a dream of buying a home.

Katy Real Estate agents jumped on the bandwagon when mortgage rates hit an all-time low. For a country hit hard by a failing economy, a double-edged sword was swinging in two directions. Yes, foreclosures were on the rise. But on the other end of the spectrum, mortgage rates had hit an all time low and it was a great time to purchase a home. The Katy Real Estate market was not a lost cause. The market shifted and the average age of the new home buyer changed as well. While many baby boomers were losing their homes to foreclosure, another generation emerged and began scoping the housing market.

Another important factor in determining whether the American Dream still existed was demographics. Katy, Texas had much to offer in the way of new communities and state of the art facilities. For young, career-oriented families Katy seemed to have it all. Others were attracted to Katy’s small town appeal that offered all the amenities of a larger city. Katy, Texas has also attracted many newcomers with its warm temporal climate. For those wishing to escape harsh winters, Katy has been a refreshing change in a nation that has suffered the economic crunch over the past three years. There is no doubt that these factors have played an important role in the Katy Real Estate market. With so much to offer in a town loved by many, Katy Real Estate continues to show promise to many.

Has the American Dream vanished? Visit Katy, Texas-You decide. But beware, once you stroll through this quaint town, you may not want to leave. And before you know it, the Katy Real Estate market may be helping you achieve your American Dream of purchasing your own home.

Press Release for an up and coming musician:

Kashiff…The New Cool Cat in Hip- Hop!

Just when the world thought hip- hop was on its way out the door, a newcomer stuns everyone with his soulful lyrics that pierce straight through your heart. Who is this rapper who has everyone buzzing? His name is Cashiff Rashid aka Kashiff! When I first viewed his latest riveting rap song on youtube, I was thrown into a paralyzed daze of pure emotion. If you haven’t seen this provocative video release, it’s a must see! I’m talking about “Picture Me”. This video has a story to tell, and Kashiff gets the point across with his profound lyrics and fervent beat. I couldn’t get enough of this new rapper.

I listened to more of his edgy but soulful rap videos. I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of his music and the meaning of his words, which were poetically rhymed to the beat of his life. Kashiif’s rap songs are carefully orchestrated and tell a story of loved ones as well as hard times, and  heart is clearly a part of each song that is rapped to a symphony of personal experiences making him more than a rapper.  Here is a real person portraying a story with his songs.  I could feel him every time I listened, and watched the video. Another favorite of mine is “Discover Me”. Kashiff is not afraid to share his love for family and friends, as he raps about his need for change and growing up. Such powerful lyrics for someone so young. He reaches the young, and the old .Were talking about diversity and this cat has it!

Okay, so who is this cool cat? Here’s a quick lowdown on this 21-year-old rising rapper! Raised by his mother, grandmother, and uncles, Kashiff was born in Houston, Texas. He went back and forth from Houston to Kansas City, Missouri as a child and talks about his childhood as being a bit crazy. The middle child with a younger and an older sister, music was in his blood as far back as he can remember. Perhaps one of the largest influences was his step-father (whom he refers to as his father) -Johnnie Taylor, T. J. Hooker-Taylor. Other major influences include Jay-Z, and Tupac. Despite his love of all types of music, hip hop was deep-rooted in his heart.

He began writing lyrics at age 14 or 15, and by the time he turned 16-he was already a full-time rapper hoping to make his dream come alive. You might be surprised to learn that this cat doesn’t care about striking it rich right now. He has a voice, and he wants to be heard! He has even made a remark about selling his Remix CD for $1.00, once it comes out. Not feeling the rat race of the typical 9-5 gig, his plans include a definite hip hop artist lifestyle-or nothing at all! There’s a hip- hop feeling in the air, “no doubt”. Speaking of which is another one of his latest rap songs. You can view it on youtube. And be on the lookout for his latest new single, ‘It’s My Time’ featuring Chris Baby and Classy.

It is clear that this new hip hop sensation wants to leave more than a song in your mind. Kashiff wants to impact our lives with the knowledge that dreams and reality can live together as one. This “cool cat” presents this ideology through his stirring and soulful rhymes. Kashiff, you can count on me as being one of your most loyal fans. I look forward to seeing you grow and prosper as the next cool musician in hip-hop. And since I can’t get enough of you, it’s time to get back to YouTube where I left off watching your videos!

Product Descriptions:

Copywritten Articles and Sales Ads:

Article was written for

Welcome to the Heart + Wellness Institute located in the heart of The Grand Rapids Community. We realize the importance of your health and it’s our goal to keep you healthy while fighting heart disease. What makes us stand out from all the other Cardiology Institutes? We take great pride in offering you state of the art technology, while taking the holistic approach to your health. You can automatically lower your risk of heart disease by at least 82% just by having a healthy lifestyle.
We’ll sit down one on one and give you a detailed evaluation of your diagnosis. Here at The Heart + Wellness Institute, we understand your concerns. We are here for you to guide you through your very own personalized treatment plan; adding complete nutrition that will guarantee you optimal health and wellness.

You can be rest assured that you’re leaving your heart in good hands. We are dedicated to providing you with world-class care and an expert medical staff, along with many therapeutic programs. We offer traditional heart and vascular care as well as our “cutting edge preventative approach”. We have spent many years of scientific research, committing ourselves to the prevention and cure of cardiovascular disease. Our persistence has led us to our latest and most innovative program; The HeartStar program. The HeartStar program specializes in individual plans that are best suited for you, optimizing your health through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. This program has increased more positive outcomes and improved the quality of life for many patients. Did you know that 1 in 5 women suffer from some form of heart disease? We are also recognized as the leading institute in West Michigan for providing specialized care in Women’s Heart Disease and prevention.

Meet our Leading Cardiologist (and medical director):Dr. Preana Manohar

Dr. Manohar has been selected (again) as the top U.S. Cardiologist according to the Consumers Research Council. Dr, Manohar credentials precede her. She is a board certified cardiologist in the Grand Rapids community. She graduated from University of Michigan Medical School receiving the Cum Laude distinction in medical Research. She then went on to complete her training at

Case Western  Reserve Medical University in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Manohar brings more than experience to the Institute. She brings her compassion for the cure and prevention of heart disease. She has dedicated much of her time at the Medical Chair for the Go Red For Women American Heart Association event in Grand Rapids. She has also devoted her time as a spokeswoman for many American Heart Association Events. Dr. Manohar has directed numerous conferences concerning women and heart disease. She has taken the time from her busy schedule to write informative articles which have been noted and published.
Because Dr. Manohar takes heart disease seriously, she has also appeared on local radio and television shows such as PBS. She also serves on the State of Michigan Cardiovascular Committee Health /Advisory Board. Dr. Manohar’s most recent achievement of co-director of a multi-disciplinary child obesity program shows her commitment to strive for prevention in the adult community as well as for children. Through all of her passion and commitment, she has founded the Heart + Wellness Institute.

You only have one heart…So place it in our care and we’ll make sure you receive exclusive cardiovascular testing, proper diagnosis, and treatment; as well as men’s cardiovascular and women’s cardiovascular individual care plans.
You can stay calm knowing that you’ll receive the most accurate test results from the state of the art equipment. We want you to sit back and relax. Leave the work to our medical staff. Our ultimate goal is for you to have an uplifting experience, knowing that we truly care about you and your needs. Your health and wellness are important to us: Call us today so we can help! Or…you can fill out the contact form and one of our staff will reach you shortly.
You only have one heart…so call the heart specialists who have a heart. Call the Heart + Wellness Institute today. We care!


Recent sales ad written for Vision House Harvard Square:

Copywritten phone message for Vision House:

Thank you for calling Vision House opticians Harvard Square. We are Boston’s leading eye care professionals available to meet your needs 7 days a week. Come visit our World Class opticians Monday thru Saturday from 10-6 or Sunday from 1-4. We offer the finest selection of designer eyewear and we can have you out the door in one hour. We are also home to some of Hollywood’s famous stars as well as many sports celebrities! Stop by today. We are conveniently located at the Harvard T station. If you have reached this message we are busy with clients and apologize for any inconvenience. Please leave your name and phone number and we will be happy to return your call! Have a spec-tacular day!

Las Vegas Air Conditioning Contractor

When searching for a Las Vegas air conditioning contractor, the possibilities are endless. There are many to choose from in the main suburbs of Las Vegas, including Henderson and North Vegas. Many services are offered; such as the installation of heating systems and air conditioning systems, as well as repair and maintenance. There are many manufacturer brands to choose from. Among the top 10 brands are Amana, Frigidaire, General Electric, Gibson, Kenmore, Maytag, Sears, and Whirlpool.

As your cooling system ages, it may show signs of wear and tear, losing its efficiency. That’s why it’s important in choosing the right Las Vegas air conditioning contractor. The correct choice may save you headaches and money in the long run. But just as important as saving money, your air filtration system can save your family from unnecessary respiratory problems. It is important to keep your air filtration system maintained and working properly because of the many airborne allergens. Did you know that over 35 million Americans suffer from chronic Respiratory problems? Dust is the main culprit of allergic reaction in Americans today. That’s why you should keep your air filtration system clean at all times. Las Vegas air conditioning contractors are always available to help.

Most Las Vegas air conditioning contractors also specialize in heat installation and repair. Services may include repairing of major brands, duct work, obtaining permits, and ongoing inspections.  With the growing popularity of heat pumps, now is the time to make that switch and upgrade your heating system while conserving energy costs.

Now that you’ve chosen your Las Vegas air conditioning contractor here’s another perk: you’ll receive a $1,500.00 tax credit for improving your home. This is just a little incentive from the government that isn’t hard to pass up. So, if the next item on your repair or install list involves this type of home improvement, now is a good time to call that contractor!

Sherlock Homes Water Pipe Detection guide: clues on whether to repair or repipe

So…you think your water system needs repiping? Before you put on your handy tool belt, let’s take a quick look at those pipes. What may seem like a costly job may end up costing you much less if your water pipes just need some repairing.

Your first priority is to investigate by making a quick inspection. When inspecting, make sure you inspect all water systems; this includes kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, and outdoor faucets as well.

So just what are you looking for?  First, check your water pressure. Are all your faucets running smoothly or has there been a significant drop in water pressure? You can test the water pressure yourself using a gauge. Make sure all faucets are turned off first, including ice makers. If you miss a faucet, then you may receive an inaccurate reading. You don’t need to be a rocket Scientist to accomplish this task. Just attach the gauge to any water faucet in your home and read the pressure on the gauge. It’s that simple!

Next, look for isolated leaks. The size can determine whether you need to do some repairing or repiping.  You can test for leaks by turning off your water system, then checking the numbers on your meter. Wait an hour and go back to check your meter. If the numbers have moved, then your piping probably has a leak. But what if there’s a slow leak? It may be too slow to do the meter test. So after a couple of hours with your water turned off, turn it back on very slowly. If the water is filling up quickly, then you may have a small leak.

Lastly, you’ll want to inspect your piping or valves for any cracks or corrosion. The type of damage depends on what type of piping you have. If you have copper piping, then you’ll want to look for tiny green rings. This is a sure sign of corrosion. If you have steel water piping then evidence of corrosion can be seen by the appearance of rust spots.

If your investigation falls in the small crack or small leak department, then try to do a repair vs. repiping. However; if your new adventure has landed a discovery of large leaks and corrosion- then be prepared for a total repiping.

Other noticeable signs besides water leaks and corrosion are rusty colored or odd tasting water. You may also notice flakes of dark material in your water. If you notice any of these symptoms then it’s a good idea to act immediately as your water probably isn’t safe to drink.

Now that you made your inspection, it’s time to fix the problem. What were your findings? Did you discover small leaks or cracks, or did you find more damage than anticipated?  Is repairing in the plan? If you’re the next “Tim Allen” in “Home Improvement”, then I’d say go for it! But if you’re more like “Jack” building that house-I’d venture to say, it’s time for a total makeover  and do some repiping.

The 101 on Copper Repiping

Thinking about copper repiping for your home? Here’s the 101 on copper repiping. Copper piping is the strongest and most dependable when it comes to water piping. With a 50-year guarantee backing it, it stands tough on corrosion and will outlive any other type of water pipe-hands down. Many Copper repiping specialists will even offer a lifetime guarantee!

Some older homes were built with galvanized piping (fitted iron pies that contained zinc), which over a period of time would rust and deteriorate. Copper will not rust and will not have the same problems as galvanized piping.

Copper is lightweight and flexible, minimizing structural damage. Overall; copper is the most durable and can withstand all weather conditions.  If you choose copper repiping; then you’ll also reap the benefits of great tasting water, better volume and water flow, as well as rust free water.

Now that you’ve made that final inspection and decided that your water pipes need a makeover; it’s time to get started. With our struggling economy, you’ve chosen to take on the task of the: “do-it-yourself handyman”. Not to worry, with a little guidance and patience you can get the job done.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to decide on which type of copper piping you want to use. There are two types: Rigid or flexible. Most new homes come installed with rigid copper piping.  This type of piping provides a neater installation but is difficult to install. Since you’ve decided to do the copper repiping yourself, you may want to choose the flexible type. If you choose the rigid type then you will definitely have your work cut out for you.

Next, you’ll need to do is to map out your existing pipe system. Then, take your copper piping and line it up with your old piping so you can see the pattern. Note: before you begin this enthusiastic project; make sure you have all the fittings, such as elbows and adapters. After doing the line up you’ll want to clean all the fittings and the copper piping. Make sure you use a flux paste. This paste has an acid that properly cleans the copper, preparing it for soldering. If you aren’t familiar with soldering it’s best to give a local company a call. Most are happy to help!  Remember: Cleaning is the most important step before soldering.

After you’ve cut your old pipes and soldered your copper piping, you’re ready to install your new piping. Feeling overwhelmed? Remember: not everyone was born with a plumber’s tool belt attached to their hip. You can always call a copper repiping; specialist to finish the job.

Once the job begins it takes around 2 weeks start to finish. Since you won’t be able to use the water in your home until the copper repiping is complete, this may be a good time for a family vacation.  When you return your copper repiping will be complete. Not only have you made a sound investment, but your water will taste better than ever!

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Gold Star Fragrances …Uncut Wholesale Fragrances!

When I was thrown into the fragrance/perfume oil industry nearly 2 years ago, I had so much to learn! Allow me to give you the 101 on quality oils versus cheap oils. Believe me…there is a difference! If you Google fragrance oils on your computer, hundreds of different companies will show up promising that their line of oils are the best. But did you know that many of these companies that give you the seal of approval regarding the quality of their product are adding fillers and alcohol to the fragrance oils?

So how do you know that these products are not pure oils? Just try them and see for yourself. One hint is how long they last. Shorter burning oils and weak perfumes tell a tale of oils that are not clean and laced with fillers.

Gold Star fragrances  takes great pride in offering uncut, pure oils at wholesale prices! If you purchase at least $50.00 they will throw in a 16 0z. bottle of fragrance oil for free.

Gold Star has been in  business for 33 years and their reputation speaks for itself. Try their pure perfume oils today! I’m willing to bet that you’ll be a returning customer for years to come!

Website Homepage Blurb:

Welcome to WildWays Studio

You are cordially invited to take a stroll through nature’s gardens in the hill country of Texas.
Experience the finest in natural organic skin care products. Here at WildWays, we take great pride in offering the purest in soap and perfume products with no additives or alcohol fillers.

Indulge your skin with our luxurious moisturizing soaps, earth soaks,body butters, and herbal treatments. Take pleasure in our pure essential oils, and long-lasting uncut fragrance oils.
Add some romance to your evening with our 15-hour burning votive candles in your favorite scents.
You may want to take a tour of our specialty shops for some innovative gift ideas.
And girls…do not forget to pamper your man! We offer a unique natural skin care line just for men!

We hope that your shopping experience is memorable and look forward to seeing you return as a happy and satisfied customer for years to come!

Break out of the soap box and try something wild!

Freelance Articles:

In response to William Ormsby’s letter to Senator Stephen A. Douglas seeking a new territory: Here is why I am in agreement of the proposal made by Mr. Ormsby in February of 1858.

In William Ormsby’s letter to the senator, he clearly states his need for a territorial government. Living in the wilderness of the Sierra  Nevada Mountains posed many challenges. The neighbors to the west of these set people were too far to communicate with, being that they were in California. Then there were their neighbors to the East who were enemies to many because of their blatant rebellion and political and religious views, At this point these set people calling themselves the Mormons had become unpopular, even to the United States Government.

To better understand Mr. Ormsby’s concerns, we must take a step back in time to 1847 when Brigham Young led the first Mormon immigrants to Salt Lake City, Utah. From the beginning the Mormon stayed to themselves, forming their own colonies. Their religious traditions and radical lifestyle shocked many settlers, who had never witnessed polygamy.

With the onset of the Gold Rush in California, came a new band of settlers. Many found little or no gold and packed up their gear and headed east to the Sierra Nevada region. The Mormon was not comfortable with the outsiders and made it quite apparent. However, the settlers wouldn’t back down. They sent for some back up from California and the Mormons backed down…for the time being.

The largest issue was the Mormons practice of Polygamy (having several wives). The story of Parley Pratt and his murder come to mind. When Eleanor McLean married hector, all was well in the beginning. He soon, however, began drinking heavily which caused much upset in the home. While visiting San Francisco Eleanor attend a Mormon meeting and became very active in the church. This angered her husband and he became physically abusive to Eleanor, beating her and often locking her in her room forbidding her to attend the meetings.

Eventually, she left Hector and moved to San Francisco, joining the Mormon Church. There she met Parley Pratt. Since she didn’t consider herself married to Hector any longer, she eventually married Pratt and made a life for herself in California. Finally escaping the abuse, she traveled to New Orleans to bring her children back to San Francisco. This Angered Hector ore and he began a search for her and Pratt, which would eventually lead to Parley Parts murder in March of 1848. After tried and found guilty of polygamy Pratt was shot 6 times and stabbed to death.

When word of Pratt’s murder reached the Mormons, there was bitter outrage throughout the Mormon colonies. Just months later 120 men, women, and children were innocently murdered by a colony of Mormons. This order was put in place by Brigham Young, and to this very day, the Mormons deny being a part of this hideous crime. A group of settlers from Illinois were on route to California and with the murder of parley Pratt still fresh in the minds of the suspicious religious sect, many suspected that perhaps they too would be gunned down and murdered.  I don’t think that one Mormons murder rightly justifies 120 innocent victims being slaughtered to death with a couple of minutes. There were young survivors who witnessed their own parents and siblings deaths

These acts of violence and outrage had Mr. Ormsby concerned for the safety of his families and his neighbors as well. They were distrustful of the Mormons and felt that any time they too could fall victim of another bloody massacre. When the pioneers arrived in the fall of September, they were misled by the religious group; who befriended them with bold lies and deceit. Hundreds of miles from their home, they were in a vast wilderness with few supplies left. When the Mormons promised to help them, they were left with little choice but to trust them. I think that many questions probably haunted the mind of Mr. Ormsby.  If we try to befriend the Mormon group, will they turn on us as and decide to kill us as well?

Surely his mind was plagued with such questions. After the Compromise of 1850, which made Utah a U.S. Territory, Brigham Young was the first territorial governor. Even though he was re-elected in 1854, his religious and political view were deemed radical –even by the U.S. Government. President James Buchanan declared the territory was in “rebellion” and sent soldiers to fight the Mormons. This was a very frightening time for those that lived anywhere near the Mormon. I believe that William Ormsby was afraid for the lives of the families in his colony, and the only way for them to exist in some kind of peace would be to have a territorial government. In fear that the Mormons would take over the country, I think something had to be done. Brigham Young was rebelling our own government and with the massacre on 9/11, there was, even more reason for folks to be nervous.

Sadly, Mr. Ormsby did not live to see his dream of a separate government come true. He died in on May 12, 1960, in The Pyramid Lake War. However, his letter paid off. Stephen Douglas’s popular sovereignty compromise idea, eventually led to the Nevada Territory in March of 1961.

Thoughts and History of Thanksgiving:

When I think of Thanksgiving, many thoughts come to mind. I think of a plump roast turkey full of stuffing and home-made pumpkin pie. I think of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and football. But most of all, I think of spending time with my family and friends –sharing our love and our bountiful blessings. But there’s always more to the story as they say. And the story of this national holiday is one of love, sharing, and giving between two diverse groups of people who joined together in peace and celebration. This is the story of our ancestors who called themselves “pilgrims” and a tribe of Indians named the Wampanoag’s. This is the first known recorded story of Thanksgiving.

After a 2 month-long journey traveling by ship over 3,00 miles, our ancestors arrived at the new world. The trip was treacherous because of the autumn storms along the way. Not only was the ride pretty rough, but the conditions were nearly inhumane. Many of the pilgrims were living in cramped quarters and the food was scarce. Many never lived to set foot upon the new land.

When they arrived in the winter of 1620, nearly half of those traveling on the ship died of illness from the severe cold and lack of food. You can only imagine the long 2-month journey; only to arrive in the bitterness of winter having to bury loved ones and still try to stay strong with very little food to go around. But the pilgrims weren’t alone. There was a strange group of people who noticed these newcomers. These Eastern Massachusetts people were an Indian tribe known as the Wampanoag’s.

If you stop and think for a minute, these people could have reacted rather defensively. After all, strangers had invaded their territory. And they could have reacted in just fear alone, but they didn’t. No one knows why or how long it took before the Indians decided to befriend our ancestors. All we know is that they did. Maybe they saw their tear-stained faces as they buried their loved ones. Maybe they heard a mother’s cry as her baby was lowered into the ground. And maybe the reasons weren’t as significant as the gesture itself reaching out to folks in need.

The pilgrims must have been bewildered to see the faces of these savage natives. My bet is that they were a bit hesitant of the Indians motives. They were probably surprised to learn that the Indian chief, Massasoit, and his people were there to help. An Indian named Squanto- who spoke English- taught them to plant crops, fish, and hunt. The pilgrims and Indians were friends. I often think of life today.  With so many prejudices among us, how many of us would be as kind to a group of strangers if they unknowingly arrived on our property? Many of us would probably call the police, or run them off with a shot-gun in hand. Yet, the Indians chose random acts of kindness and generosity.

When autumn arrived in 1621 the pilgrims had a bountiful harvest. I think they must have felt blessed for their new-found friends. I imagine that they were all too grateful. A celebration was in order. And it only seemed right that they invite their friends the Wampanoag’s! If I close my eyes long enough I can see the hustle and bustle of men, women, and children preparing for the gala event. The men would hunt for game such as venison or goose while the women cooked corn or cabbage. Other women were decorating tables with pine cones and running pines. The children were helping any way they could.

It probably took around 2 days for the Wampanoag’s to reach the colony. When they arrived, the first Thanksgiving took place. There was a harvest of fresh game, with corn, onions, and probably some cod and lobster. There was no stuffed turkey on this day. And as far as cranberries and mashed potatoes went…it would be a few more years before these tasty dishes would be introduced. The celebration lasted for 3 days. Can you imagine eating for 3 days straight? I’m full after eating one thanksgiving meal! It must have been a grand celebration. Children played and the adults danced and sang.

I imagine a long table filled with food and Chief Massasoit sitting on one end, while Captain Miles Standish sat on the other.  I picture Squanto having a conversation with Governor William Bradford. The feast is about to start. Heads are bowed as William Brewster (the clergyman) adds a prayer of thanks.  They weren’t much different from us. They were gathered at the table with family and friends, giving thanks for the past years blessings. They were filling their bellies while enjoying each other’s fond company. Isn’t that what we do each Thanksgiving day? We gather with our family and friends, and we too fill our bellies with food and laughter as we look back giving thanks!


These regular folks didn’t know that this day would be remembered in history for years to come. They probably didn’t know that some of their names would be written in history books and taught to children all over the world. I bet they weren’t aware that one simple act of kindness would change everything, including the making of a national holiday: Thanksgiving!

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I specialize in writing professional,  compelling  copy written material  for my clients’ marketing needs.  Allow me to transform your  plain  copy  into a crisp copy that will leave an impact. Make no mistake: I may be the Queen of Content,  but when it comes right down to it…copy is King! All the glitzy  flash animation will do you no good unless you have an effective copy page.If you want the norm, then my copywriting services may not  be for you. If you want someone who can think outside  the box- do not waste another moment wondering if you need me.  It is my purpose to make sure my copywritten material puts money in your pocket. I invite you to contact me for a free no obligation quote.

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