You Get What You Pay For

I  have been freelance writing for 7 years and it’s been quite a journey. When I first started out I was making a mere $7.00 per hour,  and I typed until my fingers ached.  Today I have experience under my belt and I have learned that my writing skills deserve much more than minimum wage( or less than minimum wage). Time and time again I encounter potential clients who do not wish to pay me my asking fee. What happens? Those who wish to pay less or hire locals ( who may not have the experience or skills required) to do the job, end up eating crow and losing money in the long run. How do I know this? The phone rings three months later with an unhappy client telling me they were  not pleased with whom they hired,  leaving them to spend countless hours doing re-writes.

If I said it once I’ll say it again…YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

If you hire someone with no experience you may not get what you want. But then again if given the chance someone might be able to prove themselves. Here’s the deal…I will not work for pennies! I have a family to feed and clothe just like you. However; my fees are fair and you will always receive nothing but quality written material from this queen! Taking the easy way out will cost you in the long run, so why even waste your time and money?  With that being said…I am here if you need me to pick up the pieces. But remember this…I  will not work for pennies. If you want quality work…YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!




So You Want To Be a Writer?

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There are all kinds of writing to do and stories yet to be told. I am a story-teller by nature.  There’s nothing I love more than to tell a good story. Some years ago my life changed when I stumbled into a freelance writing position. I had just separated from my husband and needed to earn money. My son was homeschooled, so working outside the home was not an option for me. Suddenly I was writing descriptions for oil fragrances and the rest they say is history. I was able to control what I made and be paid without having to leave home. I went on to do copywriting work for an online luxury bed and linen company until they went out of business, and after a couple of years decided to go out on a limb by going into business for myself.

After a few days, I had my website up and running and the ‘Queen’ was born! How do I sum everything up in one sentence? Well…if the truth be told- I can’t. I am going on year number 12 and the first three years was a learning curve. I had so much to learn and the only way to learn was through trial and error. Allow me be the first to inform you there were many errors! I learned that you can’t fake it till you make it because people can see right through you. Sometimes it’s better just to tell the truth and admit you’re new to the wonderful world of freelance writing. I had to showcase my skills per se, that’s where a website can come in handy! I also learned that a little confidence isn’t such a bad thing and can go a long way- it can land you a gig and put you in the driver seat.  In time as I polished my writing skills, I was able to polish my business skills. After a few times of being burned, I learned that if a client likes what I have to offer he/she will pay what I ask and pay a retainer fee. I have also learned the art of negotiation and that being fair is equally as important.

Is the life a freelance writer easy? If you are looking for easy street then you might wish to reconsider this career. While I’ve heard it can be lucrative I’ve yet to see dollar bills flying from the sky. There have been times when I wondered what in the world I was doing! Be prepared to hear comments from family members and friends who may not see your vision. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “Why don’t you go out and get a real job”?

I had to bite my lips while thinking, “Do you think I’m being paid monopoly money”?

Here’s the thing: you will struggle to get writing gigs and it won’t be easy. But if you persist and continue to hone your writing skills, you will succeed! I have had difficult times when work was slow and other times when the green rolled in. Remember: you are a freelancer and this is the life of a freelance writer. You have chosen this path for a reason…your love of writing.

How many people do you know love what they do for a living? How many people do you know are using their God-given talents to earn an income? At the end of the day, I may not have much money but I can truly smile and think to myself… “I love writing and I am grateful every day that I have the ability to make a living doing what I love-using a gift God has blessed me with to help others.”

~and that’s all she wrote!

Until next time….



News from the Queen!

What’s on the menu for today?


New specialty items:

1.) Fashion and  product descriptions – Price: 25.00 per description not over 80 words.

2.) Eulogy- The loss of a loved one can be emotionally painful. Because writing a funeral speech can be a difficult and lonely task,  allow me to write a loving and memorable eulogy. – up to 300 words…$40.00.

3.) Wedding Vows- You are already overwhelmed enough…allow the queen to write your vows. _ 150-300 words …$100.00.

4.) Social Networking- I will manage your social networking site for $100.00 a month.

5.) A message for every occasion!

Send a birthday or anniversary message.  Allow me to write a creative message for that special occasion including baby, engagement, graduation announcements, and even a divorce congrats message! Whatever message you want…I’ll write it !  – 100 words or less…@$20.00.

Until next time…