Setting the Standards…Bringing Home the Bacon


Freelance writing is my world, this is how I bring home the bacon. As a freelancer, it is up to me to find my writing jobs. This means I need to be a ‘Jack of all trades.’ I need to be well versed in sales and marketing, as well as writing. I need to market my talents and be able to sell my skills at any given time. This also means hours of searching for writing gigs on the internet. When I find something that interests me; I need to market myself, get on the phone or send an e-mail that stands out from the rest. Is it easy? Not in the least?  Here’s why:

Let’s begin with the popular Craigslist shall we?

All too often the jobs are bogus or people hiring refuse to pay even minimum wage. After 11 years experience in the field, I have set my standards. When an individual places an ad for hire and they are only willing to pay out one dollar per one hundred words, that tells a story. The story shows they must not have high standards! Most writers (even some beginners) will not waste their time replying to such an ad. For those of us with whom the good Lord has graced such talent, this is a mere slap in the face—OUCH!

It takes persistence on my part, but after a few days of hard searching, I finally land a gig with a client who is willing to pay me what I’m worth. I am fair by all means, and I will always give a fair price to someone who is interested in my services. Here’s my burning question to those of you who are not setting your standards high (referring to those wanting to hire writers like me).

What are you looking for in a writer?

Do you want someone to throw something together,or would you prefer a writer who takes pride in what they do?

Okay…that was two questions, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Setting your standards goes both ways! If you are only willing to pay pennies,that’s what you’ll get in return…a penny’s worth of work. Writers have families to feed and children to clothe. This is how we make a living. It’s time for writers to earn some respect. Do not settle for less than minimum wage. If you settle, then it makes it more difficult for other writers like me to earn what they deserve.

As for those hiring…if you could do this you wouldn’t be making the effort to hire someone else. Stop throwing bread crumbs at talented writers and pay up! You’ll be glad you did in the end, and your website will show for it!

Until next time….