Spiritual Food for Thought…What if We Became Spiritual Gypsies?


The Sadhu Indians are spiritual gypsies who live in peace. What if we all decided to lay everything down …all of our material possessions to be true spiritual gypsies? What do you think would become of this world? Perhaps greed would no longer exist as we know it…it would be smashed and those still choosing to be money mongers would eventually fall because this would no longer work for them. What if our energy and light could affect an entire community causing an entire shift in the world as we know it? There would be no more poor,no more rich…as we know it. We would care for those less fortunate and pay it forward. Doctors would treat those who had no money for free, and the elderly would be revered as holy and thus respected and treated as such. What if we could rid our system of money? The single mother would never have to stress over unpaid bills or how she was going to feed her children? Eden was taken away …but what if we all worked together so we could no longer simply co-exist, but we could co-inhabit together in a world that was meant for us all along? Is this possible? In a world that has brainwashed most of us…probably not anytime soon. Our children have come to believe it is necessary to own a computer and the latest android phone. Even we, the adults cannot fathom living without a car or enough money for the pleasures we have come to know over a span of many years.

This cycle could have been prevented had the white man not invaded my brothers land and took it from under their feet. The Indians traded for what they needed, they lived simple lives that didn’t depend on money.They took care of their own people and were very spiritual people. Greed came and changed the world as we know it! The gold rush brought white folks to these mountains and the love of money became more important than the love of people. The president signed an agreement to take my people from their homes where thousands walked to their death.

Nothing is permanent …what you think is yours …is not! For when you die someone else  will take what you thought was yours. We live in a world that has been brainwashed by TV, social media,and movies. This is an illusion. We are living an illusion, and the only way to break free so we can create a garden of Eden is to leave our old selves behind. Even Jesus talked about dying to oneself. The  Sadhu Indians speak of this same thing: dying to oneself , allowing for a re-birthing.
This is a great video…I urge you to watch this short documentary about the Sadhu who live in peace!


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