What’s in the Mind of a Writer




So here I am in bed, with chills running up and down my body. My body aches from the tip of my toes to the top of my head, and do you know what I’m doing? My mind can’t rest so I’m busy writing blogs in my head.And If that isn’t enough,my mind spins in 5 different directions to my next book and the two I still haven’t found publishers for. Mind you..I’m aching, I want chicken soup and some whiskey to knock me out. But my mind can’t quit.

My minds next stop are the deadlines that must be met by anxious clients. I’m a day behind, and if I did have a chug of whiskey I would pass out and be even more behind. So I chalk this one up as…living life and oh well-whining won’t help. Besides, I don’t have any cheese to go with that whine anyway. Get the picture?

The mind of a writer is like a roller coaster that never ends. Ideas come when cooking supper. Stories are written when you’re on the royal throne. Entire books are branded in my brain through a dream the night before. I never run out of ideas. In fact-I’m on overload in that department.

Someone once asked me how I got my ideas for writing a story. I was simply amazed at the question itself. I guess I am a true writer at heart, for my response was, “There’s a story in everyone.”

In fact, anything can be fashioned into a story. Maybe it’s my acute worldly observations. Nothing goes unnoticed, that includes the homeless person looking for food in the dumpster, to a swarm of fireflies dancing to the beat of their own tune on a hot summer night.

My mind rarely rests. If you could see the inside of her, it would probably look something like this: Here I am sitting in front of my computer typing furiously, with an editor by my side. My publisher is frantically pounding the pavement wondering when I’ll finish the job. In the background is a ten-year-old boy wanting his supper, while all 7 pets are demanding theirs as well. The phone rings and I miss the call. Someone knocks on the door and the dogs can’t stop barking. My publisher(who is actually me) decides that we all need a rest and sits down to a good home cooked meal. She grabs her son and relaxes on the couch to watch an action movie. It feels good to chill …even if it’s only for a minute. Something triggers her mind while watching the flick and guess what? The cycle repeats itself all over again.

~and that’s all she wrote!


Until next time….




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