Proper Client /Writer Etiquette-7 Simple Rules We Learned in Kindergarten




I’m a freelance writer, but it isn’t as simple as that. I also spend time advertising and marketing my skills. The purpose of writing this article is for an informative and kind reminder to the client who is actively seeking a writer for a job they cannot or simply do not wish to tackle.

I would like to discuss the importance of proper client/writer etiquette. How important is it to practice proper etiquette between the two parties involved?  I’d have to say it’s as important as eating, proper hygiene, and having enough water to drink.

Proper client/writer etiquette is not difficult. As a matter of fact; the premise for these basic rules was taught by the time most of us reached the age of five. I am not being sarcastic by any means, I am simply making a valid point.

Here are the 7 basic rules of etiquette that should always occur between client and writer:

  • Use good manners-Being polite goes a long way, and is the first rule of thumb in establishing a positive business relationship.
  • Don’t be grumpy- A smile and a positive attitude means everything. After all-who likes working with a person who’s grumpy?
  • Work together-Two brains are better than one. It’s never all about you, and shouldnt be. Team work should be essential for a productive outcome.
  • When someone talks to you-be courteous and answer back-This is very important concerning both parties. How can you establish a business relationship if you aren’t returning phone calls or you’re ghosting the other party?
  • Dont be mean to others-In the wonderful world of grownups this means to treat others with respect, and absolutely do not allow others to walk all over you like a door mat.
  • Play nice-It’s always best to be fair and while this isn’t a childs game the same rule still applies: be a good player and practice good sportsmanship.
  • Share-This is one of my favorite rules of etiquette.The grownup term is comparable to “Pay it Forward.” It’s seems that some folks forget where they came from. Does this mean accepting a job for pennies or paying  for more than your budget allows? No-but it goes back to the simple rule  of playing nice.

So, there you have it. These are the simple  7 rules of etiquette we all learned in kindergarten. Remember… If at any time a potential client does not follow these rules; I am no longer available for their writing needs. After all, if a client contacts me it is because they are not able, or not willing to tackle the writing project at hand. Oh, and those 7 rules also apply to me. I always do my best to practice all 7 rules-these same rules my kindergarten teacher taught me so many years ago.

~and that’s all she wrote!

Until next time….





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