Thinking Outside the Box


Could you explain your freelance copywriting process?

As a freelance copywriter, I like to begin with an initial phone consultation during which we discuss your copywriting needs, goals, and specific time frames. I will then draw up a proposal outlining what we discussed and include an estimate for my freelance copywriting fees. If you decide you’d like to do business with me, I will e-mail or fax you a ‘Letter of Agreement’ confirming our business arrangement. I will begin the writing project once I receive the signed document. It’s important that I be provided with as much information as possible so I can provide quality material, therefore, I will ask you to provide the necessary background information. This includes brochures, marketing e-mails, web content, or any other pertinent company information. As a copywriter, I have learned that knowledge is a powerful tool and also the key to effective copywritten material.
I will then provide you with an initial copywriting draft. I will ask you to review the draft and add any necessary comments for revision. Remember: copywriting is a process of teamwork. Communication between client and copywriter is necessary for a positive outcome.


I have a deadline to meet. When can I expect my project to be completed?

I respect that you have a deadline to meet. Please be aware that I have several clients I am writing for. It is not realistic to expect that your project will be delivered within 24 hours. If you called your dentist to make a teeth cleaning appointment, chances are you won’t be able to get your foot in the door for at least a few weeks. Thus; I am not available right now: but I will deliver your project as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Wait! This doesn’t mean your project isn’t important.
I value your business and take great pride in committing myself to delivering your copywritten material in a timely fashion. However; it takes time and effort to provide quality written material. I will do my best to finish your project in an acceptable time frame.


What are your freelance copywriting fees?

My copywriting fees on a per-project basis. For those projects difficult to estimate, an hourly freelance copywriting fee is more appropriate. However; as a general rule, flat fees(per copywriting project) seem to work best for me and for my clients.

Do you require a percentage of your copywriting fees up front as a deposit?

I require an initial deposit of 50% prior to beginning the project. The balance on all freelance copywriting fees is due upon completion of services. Every day thereafter late charges of $5.00 per day will be tacked onto the remaining fee.


What do your copywriting fees include?

My copywriting fees include research, copywriting, and one copy revision.


I’m on a budget. Can you give me a bargain for your copywriting services?

I understand that businesses have budgets they need to adhere to. But as the old saying goes:: you get what you pay for. If you want quality copywritten material, then do not expect cheap fees. My copywriting fees are not the most expensive, but I am not the cheapest copywriter in town. Because of the nature of my work I believe my fees are reasonable. If you are looking for yard sale prices then perhaps I am not a good fit for your needs.


I am located in California and you are in Georgia. Can we still work together effectively?


Distance is not a problem! Although I run my freelance copywriting business out of Georgia, I have a clientele that is nationwide! My clients are scattered from coast to coast. Modern technology such as e-mail and telephone make it possible for me to work productively and efficiently – no matter where your business is located.


What if I just need a makeover of the copy I already have? Do you still charge your full copywriting rates for this?

If your current copy simply needs a “face-lift”, I’d be more than happy to accommodate your editing needs by adjusting my copywriting rates to the actual amount of work reflected!


What qualifies you to write about my business if you have no experience in that field?

As a copywriter, research is part of my job. My copywriting fees include the time it takes for me to research a particular topic. Prior to beginning a project I take the time to research anything I am not familiar with.


Do you require a freelance copywriting contract before you begin work?

I use PayPal as a means of payment and that usually binds  a contract.


If I decide to cancel my freelance copywriting project before it is completed, or if I change my mind about the direction of a project half way through it-then what?

If you wish to cancel for any reason,once the project has begun- payment will be pro-rated only for the work that has been performed. If the project changes significantly as a whole , I will draw up a new proposal and cost estimate.


Who owns the rights to the copy you’ve written for my business?

Once a copywriting fee for the written material has been made in full, you own the rights to all work. However, I may ask for the right to use your project in hard copy and electronic form in my client portfolio. This is always up to your discretion. If you have any concerns regarding confidentiality please contact me.


How can I reach you if I need your freelance copywriting services?

The quickest way to reach me is by E-mail. You may also Contact me any time of the day, 7 days week!


Searching for a creative and talented copywriter?

Please contact me-I’d love to hear from you!