Freelance Work History

This is a partial list of some clients I’ve written for:

Laura Egunjobi- Content Writer(February 10 2018-present)

Julie Lafavor- Content Writer(February 1, 2018)

Santosh Kumar- Ghost-writer for book( August 4, 2017-November 30, 2017)

Robert Alvarez-Script Writing- 20, 2017-October 9, 2017)

Bonnie Bryant-Grant and Scholarship Writer, essay writer(January 13, 2016-present)

Rachael Olson-Real Estate Builder Descriptions and New Community Descriptions- 29, 2017-present)

Jordan 2010-present)

Sherman Brown~L’elite Clothing- copy ads(October 2010)

Elad Bokov~ One Stop Moving and Storage -Web Content Writer(May 2010-Sept 2010)

Jarrod Smith~ Tex Cigars Inc.-Product Description Writers(April 2010-May 2010)

Willie Blogger/Web content(April 2010-)

Andre Menzies-Web Content Writer(May 2010)

Brain Mitchell~Signature Blogger(April 2010-May 2010)

Vision House at Harvard Square-Cambridge, Mass~Creative PR Writer/Director of Marketing(November 2009-January 2010)

Tom Stone- August 2009-present)

Web Your Name~Copywriter/Web Content Writer(November 2009-present)

Micah Rutledge~Copywriter(Oct 2009)

Jelly Bean Services-Copywriter(August 2009)

Pete Allman( Blog writer, Web Content Writer(August 2009-May 2010)

Starrville Soap and Candle Supplies-Copywriter: Candles and Oil Fragrances(August 2009)

Wildways Studio-Copywriter: Candles and oil fragrances: Web Page Content and Home Page Blurb(August 2009)

GoldStarr Fragrances-Copywriter: Web Page Content including “About Me” and Home Page blurb. Marketing and advertising, including merchant circle. and Essential Oils(June 2008)

Lavender Lane Forever- Copywriter: Oil Fragrance Descriptions (April 2008)

Coastal Scents- Copywriter: Oil Fragrance Descriptions (March 2008) oil fragrances(April 2008)

Just By Nature Candles- Copywriter: Oil Fragrances ( Feb . 2008 – March 2008)

Linens 4 You- Copywrite Specialist ( Aug . 2007 – Mar . 2008)

I wrote all the product descriptions for the bedding as well as the front page blurbs for the online catalog. I was also the person in charge of the decor blog. I was also proficient in the area of data entry and trained all other employees in this field. In addition: I advertised and marketed for this company.

Time 4 Learning:- Article Writer (April 2007)

I wrote 6 quality articles for this online learning program for children.